Dream 8/22/2011

I had dream of painful place where everything was dark and cold. The walls were plain and grey and the floors were made of dirt. I could see the sky but all there was were dark gloomy clouds. I couldn’t tell whether it was day or night but I could see for miles even tho it wasn’t bright. I was surrounded by shadows but there was still a very faint light. I wandered around this dark and lonely world for days so it had seemed.  Alone and cold was all I could feel, all I could know as long as I was stuck in this world.
I was searching for something, tho what I was not sure. Wandering aimlessly through the darkness I felt as if it only went on endlessly. What was I searching for? Was I searching for someone or something? Perhaps I was searching for someone who had the something I desperately needed. What would that something be tho? What is it that I’m missing that causes me to stay in thisdark world?
I try and try, but all I do is create more scars. With each new scar a story is told of both beauty and pain. Some go deep and some are very shallow. I look at myself, do I hate these scars? Or do I endure them and love them? Should I use them to move forward and become stronger? Maybe that is what I was searching for?