Inside my head

*walks quietly into the room and looks around*
*in the middle of the room is a small square table with a chair on each side*
*above it is a lamp hanging from the ceiling, hovering a few feet from the table*
*the light inside the lamp is a very dim, yellowish light*
*looking around the room you can’t really see anything else, it’s too dark and the walls seem to not exists, just darkness*

*he walks over towards the table to sit when he hears a voice*
“So, you’re back here again I see”
*without so much as a sound he pulls out a chair and takes his seat*
“Oh, so you are just going to ignore me again I take it? Typical”
“Leave him alone, Rick.”
“Ah come one Jack, I’m just giving him a hard time”
“Ok ok I got it, I’ll stop”

*looks up no expression, just a blank look in his eyes*
“You two never change, always the same with you.” in a monotone voice.

“Dude it’s always the same with you, I mean…”

“Oh shut up!” suddenly shouting cutting Rick off. “I’m so freakin tired of hearing that fromĀ you of all people Rick!”
“It’s always, ” mimicking Rick’s voice “Oh you brought this upon yourself, or this is what you get for always trusting people so easily, or you know you’re always just going to end up getting hurt”
“Well, I’m done hearing that! It’s always the same with you! That isn’t the case this time. It’s not like that. Nothing wrong has been done.

“Then why are you here?”

“If I knew the answer to that Jack, I wouldn’t be here..”

*rick and jack each pull up a chair and sit at the table*

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