The Empty House

It’s strange how change works, it is never easy to deal with even tho it happens all the time.
Like how you get used to living with someone. You come home every day and even tho they may not be there you still know that they reside there, in that same house, with you. You come home and see their stuff around the house and you may be the only one home but you know that there is always the other person. No matter how many days either one is gone for, the house never feels lonely.

Then one day you come home, their things are gone, and suddenly the house feels empty. You knew it was coming, you knew this was going to happen, and yet, you still never realized the gravity of the situation until it happened. You come home for the first time to a lonely house. That feeling of someone else living there even if they were never home, suddenly disappears. You come home now to an empty place. Its quiet so you play music just to have some noise. You think, “hasn’t it always been this quiet tho?” The answer is yes, but why now do I really notice it? Is it just simply the difference between knowing that someone else lived here, regardless of the fact that they were almost never home?
This house was once always full and now it feels soo empty. This place that I come home to, the place that is My empty home.

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